Quick Lounge Applet

A Quick Launch Applet for the GNOME Panel

Latest stable version

Quick Lounge Applet 2.12.6  [ download ]
Released on August 5, 2008
Changes since previous version:
  • #544888: LT_PROG_LIBTOOL should be AM_PROG_LIBTOOL?
  • #544850: configure needs to handle the non-existence of pangox
  • #531358: Applet height in vertical mode. Patch by Alexander Kojevnikov.
  • interaction with b-a-s left over from previous sessions. Patch by Philipp Kern.
Updated application translations
  • Arabeyes (Djihed Afifi)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Fábio Nogueira)
  • Occitan (Yannig Marchegay (Kokoyaya))

Latest unstable version

Quick Lounge Applet 2.13.2  [ download ]
Released on February 17, 2009
Changes since previous version:
New features and user visible changes
  • Allow to add url launchers by dropping a file between launchers. On the other hand if the file is dropped on a launcher than the file will be opened with that launcher.
  • Allow to add url launchers by dragging a file on the preferences dialog.
  • Added support for URL launchers.
New or updated application translations
  • Italian (Paolo Bacchilega)
  • Swedish (Daniel Nylander)